words are the stars


In the night

Sky, I set my ship to

Sail by;

They’re the sun

The storied, lettered

World of, and of which, my life

Orbits and revolves around

                                                ̶─Patrick E. Verebely


Patrick Verebely is a writer, writing coach, and freelance editor. Patrick writes fiction, first and foremost in the fantasy genre, but he delves into science fiction on occasion; he has been known to write a superhero story now and again as well. Like a baker that folds ingredients into a batter, as he evolves as a writer, Patrick incorporates elements from other genres into his word craft.


He graduated with associates in arts degrees in Music and Theater from Lake Tahoe Community College, and with a B.A. in Psychology from California State University, Long Beach.


The craft of the written word, and the fulfillment and rewarding nature of his career, wherein he helps people with disabilities in an educational environment, are Patrick’s passions. He considers himself to be twice blessed to have found, and to be able to do, two things that he loves and is passionate about. He grew up reading fantasy stories (and just about anything else he could get his hands on!), cutting his teeth on them, as it were. Patrick’s first love, and primary interest as a writer, is to write prose—in the fantasy genre—for young adults (YA); and maybe a story or two for children too. Every time he tries to write a story for adults, it turns out to be a YA story instead! There’s the rub, and it’s one that he’s fine with! Patrick also writes poetry, screenplays, and songs; and he has written one issue of a comic book. Timed writing events are one of his chief loves, and this past November was his twelfth consecutive year as a participant in National Novel Writing Month; Patrick has successfully completed the event every year.


Patrick is grateful, and considers himself fortunate, to be amidst the vibrant, creative, and talented artistic community in Long Beach, whose help, support, and inspiration he finds invaluable. Patrick is a member of various writerly organizations: the California Writers Club, Long Beach (where he is a member of the board as well); the Read Around Group (RAG, for short), a writing critique group; the Rough Writers, a Toastmasters club for writers (where he currently serves as the Vice President of Public Relations); and he is a regular attendee of The Poetry Lab. For two and a half years, Patrick has read poetry and prose at open mics, and along the way, Patrick has discovered that he likes to write poetry almost as much, if not as much, as he likes to write prose. Patrick is hard at work as he bangs away at his novel and puts the finishing touches on his first book, a self-published chapbook entitled: Worlds Beyond!, which is scheduled for release in early 2019.


In his free time, he plays guitar, reads, watches movies, and spends time with his pets—a Golden Gecko lizard and two cats. Patrick resides in sunny Southern California.


“Look, then, into thine heart, and write!”
— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow