A Multicultural Holiday Message and a Blog Post: My Writing Process

Hi, everyone. A blog shall be forthcoming in this space soon. I've been sick for the last 5 days, so haven't worked on one, as I've been concentrating on getting better.

Until then, I wish you one of the following, in no particular order, if you celebrate (or celebrated) any of these:

Happy Hanukah

Happy Boxing Day

Merry Christmas

Happy Kwanzaa

And, of course, any that I may have missed! There are so many! See for yourself:


Lastly, before I take off, happy New Year!


Here's a rough draft of the blog for this week. I'll be posting the finished draft soon.


My Writing Process


My writing process is one of a similar vein to what I’ve written about before in my blog, or alluded to, at the very least: get words on the page. It’s a stream of consciousness type of writing. Think of it as the writing equivalent of idea brainstorming: everything is considered fair game and is written down on the page, and goes on the page; no judgment, no critiquing, no critiquing of an idea’s worth, no editing.


There is a stream of consciousness writing style, but this ain’t that. That style is more for in-text, and this is more of a process. That style is defined as stream of consciousness, and mine is defined as writing down anything and everything as it comes, regardless of what I think of the idea, or how I may balk (or cringe) at it, or what my inner editor, as NaNoWriMo calls it, or my inner critic thinks of it.


It’s all for a purpose. I’m creating something, of which everything is a piece of it, everything is a whole of it, a part of it. I’ll go back and add missing pieces later, and address anything that needs addressing later on, at a later date, but for right now, in the heat of the moment, as Asia says, I must strike while the iron is hot, the bellows are burning (or lit?) and the metal is ready to be forged, the metal is in a state of readiness.


Later on, when the metal cools, and the words are written, then, and only then, and after a break, will I go back and shape and bend and forge and tinker with them, massaging them into the shape that I want them to be in. But that’s at a later stage of development, a later stage in the process. This’ll be the time when I look at things with a critical eye, judging them for their merit: the ideas, the words themselves (that I used), the construction of the sentences, the punctuation (or lack thereof), that I use.

This’ll be when I throw things out, or modify them, shape them into the space that I want them to be in, the shape that I want them to be in, the order that I want them to take. “Yeah, I’ll have a . . .,” no not that order, the word order that I want them to be in, as they take shape before my eyes, like a potter shaping and crafting a pot on the (his?) wheel.