The Benefits of Blogging

Although there are many benefits to be gained from blogging (see the Additional Resources section at the end of the blog post), I’m going to talk about the benefits that I have personally reaped from blogging.


It keeps me in, as Billy Joel said (sort of, but not really), “a writing frame of mind.” If, when, I’m not constantly (or near constantly), thinking of my next (or current) blog post or other writing projects and what I’m going to write, I’m writing, or editing, or on the lookout (or searching) for new ideas, as I need content to post in the blog.


It’s All About the Deadline—and the Discipline


The weekly deadline forces me to write.


It makes me more disciplined.


It makes me more organized, a goal I’ve long striven for. (And continue to strive for.)


It Creates Good (Writing) Habits and Promotes Good Skills


Because of this weekly blog writing that I’ve undertaken, a writing schedule is organically emerging—which is an unexpected blessing—thanks to this, and National Novel Writing Month last month (and years prior?), and the ongoing regular writing of speeches for Toastmasters.


Blogging forces me to write consistently, which is something I’ve long striven for, as I said; it’s becoming an almost reverential daily practice now. National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) has helped with that, as have other timed writing events. But this, this, forces me to do it in an expedient way, like none of the other timed writing events, because of the short time frame that’s involved; I only have a week to write something, to come up with something new. It is a challenge, in so many ways, on so many levels: being organized, having the discipline to sit down and write something (and research it), and then edit it before the one week deadline is up and I share it with the world.


Blogging on a weekly basis, along with the other writing I do, sharpens my craft of writing; my editing; my eye; my ear.


It makes me a better writer.


It helps me stay focused, and motivated, which extends to other writing projects. It helps me move forward—in life—and in my writing life; that momentum that blogging builds carries over to them both, which is an unexpected godsend, and a blessing.


Blogging, and the routine it creates via the deadline, helps me to break bad habits (writing and otherwise) and establish and create more constructive and productive habits (writing and otherwise).


Blogging puts my writing under the microscope for me to examine, and thus forces me to be (a) better (writer). It exposes my writing foibles and proclivities.


Writing (a blog) enlivens me; exhilarates me; infuses me with energy. It lifts me up. It inspires me. It infuses me with vitality to keep going, to keep writing. It’s empowering and inspiring.


Blogging provides an avenue for me get my writing out there in the world, while I work on longer, creative works.


It’s a dream come true to do what I love.


Well, that’s it, short and sweet. There are many benefits to blogging, more than I personally know of and am aware of (yet, at the moment), as well as the more traditional, for lack of a better word, benefits.


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